“Anakaa Mtu Aligongwa na Ng’ombe” Krg the Don Body Shames Andrew Kibe.

Kibe vs Krg the Don

The beef between Krg the Don and Andrew Kibe is getting personal and it has reached to a point where they are both insulting each other badly. After Andrew Kibe insulting Krg about his head and publicly saying very bad things about Krg the Dons head and how he looks. Krg the Don has decided to fireback at Andrew Kibe.

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Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of Kioko Nicholas).

Krg the Don went a head and lectured Andrew Kibe like a small child for attacking young couples such as Eve and Trevor, yet he doesn’t even has a child at his age. Angry Krg the Don went a head and body shamed Andrew Kibe by insulting his looks.

He said that Kibe looks like a person who was hit by a cow.
“Wewe ushawai ona venye mdomo ya kibe inakaa, imeenda kando kabisaaa anakaa mtu aligongwa na Ng’ombe, huwa tunamhurumia tu” Krg the Don said.

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He said that when Kibe lands in Kenya, he will be the first person to discipline him, because he has really insulted Kenyans, and talked shit about them, forgetting his home country is Kenya.

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Andrew Kibe is really getting alot of views and also making a good amount of money from YouTube, just from dissing and insulting Kenyan Celebrities. He has created a very huge fanbase and his videos gain upto 50k views per day. However it is not good to bring others down for only youtube views, he must also consider on how he delivers his messages.

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