” Toka Uende” Pastor Ng’ang’a Slaps and Chases Away A Woman Who Was Sleeping in His Church.

The controversial televangelist, Pastor Ng’ang’a got himself on the trends again. This is after a video of her chasing away a woman who was busy sleeping in his church while he was ministering the word of God.

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The pastor caught the woman sleeping comfortably during the sermon, unlike other pastors, Ng’ang’a decided to take an action. He watched the woman for some seconds to confirm that she was indeed sleeping, he later went on and slapped her two hot slaps.

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He slapped her while telling her to exit the church for sometime. Ng’ang’a told the woman to go outside at the cold, atleast the sleep can vanish, then she can comeback to listen to the word of God

“Umetoka wapi? Amka chukua mizigo yako. Chukua mizigo toka enda ukae nje utakuja baadaye. Simama enda ukake kule upigwe na baridi. Songeshe yeye uko nje ata umuweke kwa mvua kidogo askie baridi,” Pastor Ng’ang’a told the woman.

This is not the first time the controversial and funny pastor is trending online. He is used to doing crazy stuffs, and slapping the woman wasn’t clout chasing, that is the real Pastor Ng’ang’a and he doesn’t like jokes when it xomes to ministering the word of God.

Here is the video.

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