Here Is The Long List Of Celebrities Abel Mutua Made Famous and Millionaires.

Abel Mutua is supposed to be celebrated in a very unique way in Kenya. What most people don’t know is that this guy, who is known as Mkurugenzi, is  the person who has been the script writer behind some of the most famous programmes in Kenya, lets start with Tahidi High, which was a very famous highschool program at Citizen TV.

Mkurugenzi, Abel Mutua
Mkurugenzi, Abel Mutua

The mind behind Tahidi High Was Abel Mutua, he was the script writer, you need to be aware that all the actors and actresses at Tahidi High greatly depended on Abel Mutuas script. He was also among the script writers of Mother in law which still airs on Citizen Tv. At Citizen he played role in making superstars, former Tahidi High Actors are out here doing well in life, the likes of Sarah Hassan, Matubia, OJ , Makena Njeri , Philip Karanja and many more others.

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Abel Mutua left Citizen and shifted to KTN, This is where Mr Mkurugenzi made superstars. He started by picking the one Timothy Kimani well known as Njugush. Actually Njugush is his best friends.
Abel Mutua picked Njugush from grass to grace. He wrote him scripts and made Njugush to start gaining fame. After the end of hapa Kule, he also added Njugush to real house help of Kawangware. Here is where the life of Njugush started changing.

Blessed Njugush
Blessed Njugush

Abel Mutua has been the backbone of Njugush several times, and now they both have made it in life and they usually give each other their flowers. Because during the COVID period Njugush fed Abel Mutuas family because his wife was Njugush’s manager.

The second celebrity is DJ Shiti. His encounter with Abel Mutua changed his life completely. He is the one who gave him the name Shiti and introduced him at the Real house help of Kawangware. He mentored him and made Shiti to shine and even become the face of Real house help of Kawangware.

DJ Shiti
DJ Shiti

The other celebrities are also the Actors of Real house help of Kawangware.
Here are some of the actors and actresses , who never miss to mention , Abel Mutua in their success stories, because he real changed their life through giving them a role in the program and writing dope scripts for them.
1. Awiti
2. Michereti
4. Crotus
6. Matilda
7. Gatwiri
8. Nkirote
The list is endless, but all the cast that begun the Real house help of Kawangware, always applause Abel Mutua for changing their life. Some like Michereti still appreciate Abel Mutua upto date.

Real househelps of Kawangware
Real househelps of Kawangware

Kate Actress is also another public figure whose Abel Mutua played a very dope role in making her a superstar. He is the one who discovered her and gave her a role in Mother In law. Kate rose to fame while at Mother in law. He also included him in the Sue and Jonny show at Maisha Magic.

Uncle Charlie of Mother in law also gave his flowers to Abel Mutua for writing dope scripts for him, and making him famous while at mother in law.

Uncle Charlie and Kate Actress
Uncle Charlie and Kate Actress

Abel has written many successful programmes and  movies. The likes of the Click Click bang movie, which also changed lives of many actors and introduced many to the game of acting.

At Maisha Magic, Abel Mutua is still the writer of Hullabaloo estate. One of the famous programmes at Maisha Magic East, and it has changed the lives of many actors who were also dope in the game, but still appreciate Abel Mutua , that is the likes of Makokha and Ondiek, they never fail to appreciate Abel Mutua.

Spikes official, who is among the dope photographers in Kenya, also  rose to fame after being employed by Abel at their production company, which he owns with CEO Philip Karanja. They have a crew behind them and they depend on the company to feed their families.

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At the age of 36 years, Abel Mutua is a hero and he deserves to be applauded for the great role he has played in the society. He has zero scandals and always trends for good things. His brand is clean and that is why God keeps on blessing him.

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