Andrew Kibe Wants My Ex Girlfriend Sherylne Anyango” Obinna Says

Obinna and Andrew Kibe


Kiss Fm radio presenter Oga Obinna, has come out openly to reveal the main reason why Andrew Kibe has been insulting and slamming him. Offlate Kibe and Obinna have been exchanging words online, and Kibe seems to be very angry with Obinna since he started working with his ex co-host Kamene Goro.

According to Obinna he has nothing personal with kibe and he never likes talking about him, it is Kibe who always starts the beef. Obinna said that he has come to notice that Andrew Kibe is trying very hard to hit out at his ex girlfriend Sherylne Anyango.
Sherylne is in United States of America and Kibe is also in United States of America. So Andrew Kibe has been using his older videos with Sherylne to insult Obinna. However he never insults Sherylne, he is trying to make her look good so that they can hook up and sm*sh her up as he is used to doing with other ladies.

Obinna said that is the main reason why Kibe is always hitting and insulting him. He said that people who listen and believes to Kibe’s nonsense are just stupid, because Kibe is a failure in life and currently he is staying in a Bedsitter in United States with an old Mzungu woman.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.(courtesy of Mungai Eve).

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