” Alikuwa Anameza Madawa” Akothee Finally Reveals Why She Dumped Omosh.

Madam Boss well known as Akothee finally decided to open up on the reason why she decided to divorce with, her ex husband Omosh. This happened just 3 months after the two did a multimillion wedding.

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Speaking in a viral recording, Akothee decided to poor her heart out, and let the world know the truth. Akothee said that the redflags started during the honeymoon. This was of course her best honeymoon because, Omosh paid for everything.

However during this period, is when she got to know the true Omosh, this is after he started getting harsh and angry over petty things. Akothee said that Omosh confessed to her that he was taking bipolar drugs, he was battling with bipolar.

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What is Bipolar

A disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.The exact cause of bipolar disorder isn’t known, but a combination of genetics, environment and altered brain structure and chemistry may play a role.

This condition makes a person to be a narcissist. Meaning that is a person who can get angry all over sudden and harm you. For Akothee continuing with that relationship was just a redflag and she had no choice but to walk out.

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After also doing her research well she also found out that Omosh’s girlfriend in 2019, committed suicide, because of him, he was a narcissist. Therefore for her to be on the safe side she was to quit the relationship.

In addition to this Omosh used to manipulate her, because of his condition,and this was another total turn off. Akothee said that Omosh wasn’t a man to be trusted, hence he was hiding alot from her, and she wasn’t worth staying with a narcissist who is not trustworthy.

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Akothee walled out of the relationship, and NellyOaks came through for her , and he took her through the break up journey, and helped her to heal. Akothee said that said if she could have stayed in that relationship , she could have died or even committed suicide.
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