Akothee: Rosecoco Yangu inakuliwa Majuu, na Wewe hapo yako inakuliwa Kisii na akina Mogaka.

Akothee throws shade at her haters.

One of the most controversial singer and entrepreneur Esther Akothee , well known as Akothee is not yet done with his controversial statements.She has been on the trends ,she is on the trends and she will continue to be on the trends because of showing the world how she is enjoying her love life with her husband Omosh.

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Akothee decided to throw some shade on her haters, and people who have been trying to downgrade her , by telling her some negative things and even bully her because of exchanging men like clothes.

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Through her official Facebook page, Akothee bragged how she is having a steamy intimate moment with her ex  husband Omosh abroad. Akothee and Omosh were in Santorini and they are really enjoyed their honeymoon as she posts some steamy photos online.

Akothee throws shade at her haters
Akothee throws shade at her haters

Madam Boss said that her honey pot is being screwed abroad, unlike majority of her haters who always sleep with local men in local cities . She said that some of her haters have never even boarded an aeroplane and they are just there hating on her.

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This is one of the biggest mockery and also joke from Akothee. She never lacks a comeback and she always try to prove to her haters that she is enjoying life, which is true, she is indeed in love and she is very wealthy and capable of taking herself on a vacation in different parts of the world.

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