” krg The Don Made Me Pregnant When I Was 13 Years” Yvonne’s Mother Says.

Krg's alleged Baby Mama says he made her pregnant at the age of 13 years

Krg The Don and his alleged Baby Mama Susan Njoki who is the mother to Yvonne Njoki are still battling on the legitimate father of the 19 years old girl. Yvonne’s mother still insists that Krg the Don is the real father of her daughter, while Krg on the other hand still denies that he has never had a thing with her.

Krg and his alleged Baby Mama
Krg and his alleged Baby Mama

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, The 34 years old woman had a chance to meet face on face with Krg The Don. Yvonne’s mother was very confident, and she didn’t hesitate on anything, she faced krg and told him that he is the father to Yvonne .

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The woman said that she met Krg The Don when she was 13 years, they dated for a while and that is the time when Krg The Don made her pregnant.She alleged that , when she met the singer, he was working at Gikomba. She even went ahead and named Krg’s cousin and also mother.

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Krg was very shocked with her allegations, he said that all the things that Yvonne’s mother was saying were just pure lies, he said that he has never worked at Gikomba, The year Yvonne’s mother is claiming to have made her pregnant, he was 11 years and in primary six at Kilgoris.

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The two had a heated argument and Yvonne’s mother said that she knows very well that Krg is the father to her daughter. She said that DNA will reveal the truth. However for the DNA to be perfect Yvonne’s mother said that Krg and her should stay away because Krg can pay the doctors to favour him.

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Krg on the other hand said that they should seek for DNA from a government institutions, those are usually transparent and fair. The two had an argument on a live interview, till Krg The Don walked away and said that DNA will reveal the truth.
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