“Niko Germany Nakula Pesa Yangu” Shosh Who Bought Petrol Worth Ksh.70k Brags

Shosh Who Bought Petrol Worth ksh 70 Excites Kenyans Again


The funny shosh who started trending online in 2022 is back again with another funny and mocky statements. In 2022  she trended online after she ordered a petrol attendant, to fuel the Mercedes Benz she was in, petrol worth ksh. 70,000.

The video went viral online and she started gaining fame, she went on and boarded  a plane from Nairobi to Kisumu to go and collect her charger. After the two videos went viral, Kenyans noticed her and she started getting brand deals.

In her recent video, Shosh is on record saying that she is currently in Germany eating her money. She looked relaxed and seemed to be having some good moments.

“Mimi niko Germany nakula pesa yangu, venye uko na shida nyingi ndio venye mimi naendelea kukuwa na pesa nyingi” She hilariously said.

Here is the video

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For those who don’t know her, she is the mother to Odibets brand influencer , Adigo . She is usually very funny and this has helped her to earn a living despite her old age . In an interview , Adigo said that her shosh is just natural fun and he has been helping her to become more creative.

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