A Sad Story of How Muiruri Caught His Wife In Lodging With His Pastor.

Muiruri Narrating how her wife cheated on her with a church elder.


Muiruri from Laikipia has never healed from a heartbreak. Muiruri Caught HisWife in a Lodging With his Best Friend. She cheating on him with his best friend who is also a church elder.

Muiruri was emotional while narrating the story how he caught them ready handed enjoying the forbidden fruit.

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How Muiruri and his wife.

Muiruri who is From Laikipia said that he met this beautiful girl in their village, since he was employed and financially stable, he engaged the girl and later they got married. The wife was just a house wife hence Muiruri was the bread winner of the family.

Life was just amazing, the couple were blessed with two kids. The wife was very romantic hence Muiruri could not even notice that she was seeing his best friend.

How Muiruri Caught His Wife in a Lodging with his Best Friend.

One day a close neighbour informed him, that her wife is sleeping with his friend at their marital bed while he is away. Muiruri didn’t take it seriously but he decided to do his own background investigation.

So the second day Muiruri decided to spy on them. Hence he left the house as usual. He told his wife that he was going to take his mother to hospital.

He however reached Nyahururu town and told his younger brother to take the mum to the hospital.

Muiruri Caught his wife in a Lodging With His Best Friend
Muiruri, Narrating how he caught his wife in a Lodging With His Best Friend

Muiruri made a u-turn and went back home. He hid in the maize plantations. He saw his wife leaving the home on a motorbike. Muiruri also decided to board another motorbike and followed them back. He watched the movement of his wife from a distance as he follows them.

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Her wife got off the motorbike. She entered in a certain lodging in the nearest town known as Kinamba. After few minutes his best friend who is also a church elder entered the same lodging.

Muiruri went and reported to the police station and he was given two police officers to accompany him.

They went directly to the lodging. They knocked the door and when the door it was opened. Muiruri Caught his wife at the with his best friend ready handed. They found them there and it was like they were still resting to continue with the act.

The two were arrested. Muiruri informed the mother in law to come at the police station to see how the wife has been cheating on him.

The case wasn’t big because the two had agreed to have sex, so Muiruri decided to divorce the wife and left his best friend to continue enjoying her warmth.

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