Stevo Simple Boy: Nilikopesha Krg The Don Ksh.100,000 Na Amekata Kunirudishia.

Stevo Simple Boy vs KrgTheDon

Stivo Simple Boy and Krg the Don beef is fueling and it is like Simple Boy has decided to choose violence. This comes after Krg referred to him as a disabled person.

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Stevo was the one who started the whole drama , by referring to Krg The Don as a vixen and not a musician. He went ahead and said that he can’t give Krg The Don a Collabo.

In the recent interview with Trudy Kitui, Stevo Simple Boy said that the main reason , he has a very huge issue with Krg is that he owes him money. Simple Boy said that sometime back he lended Krg the Don ksh.100,000. That time Krg was struggling and he came through for him.

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However it has really taken long for Krg to refund him his money. Stevo said that he is not in a hurry of getting back the money, but when he will be financially stable he will refund him.

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In addition to this , Stevo Simple Boy said that he is very famous than Krg The Don, and his songs are meaningful unlike his meaningless song. He said that he is the King of hip-hop in Kenya and he will only have a chat with Krg The Don if he returns his money.

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