Manzi Wa Kibera Almost Faints After Seeing The Dead Body of Her 67 Years Old Boyfriend at City Mortuary.

Manzi Wa Kibera is currently mourning the death of her lover, and the man who was to be her future husband. The two had dated for about 3 years, then Nzioki who was 67 Years old met his death on 18th April 2024.

Manzi Wa Kibera was on a vacation at Mombasa when she received the tragic news of the passing on of Nzioki. The two were in an on and off relationship, but they kept on resolving their issues, and the time Nzioki died they were in good terms.
When Manzi Wa Kibera arrived at City Mortuary to view the body, she was in disbelief, and she couldn’t imagine that her lover is no more. She got emotional to an extent that she was almost fainting. It was painful and her tears could tell she was in pain.

It is a very huge blow to her, and it will really take her sometime to heal. The two were famous and they were a perfect couple. They got cosy online without any fear and Nzioki was determined to be with Manzi Wa Kibera forever but unfortunately death came in and it became a love life cut short.

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