Akothee: Why I Have 130 Employees at My Multimillion Mansions in Mombasa and Rongo


Esther Akoth well known as Akothee or madam boss, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Kenya. Apart from doing music, Akothee is reaping big from business field. This has enabled her to have a stable financial income and also provide employment to very many people.

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There are many families that are depending on Akothee. She owns two multimillion Mansions, one Mombasa , that is worth about ksh.100 Million and another one in Rongo that is worth about ksh.80 million.

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Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Akothee said that her home in Rongo is slowly becoming her favourite place because of farming. She ventured into agriculture and her together with her ex husband Omosh are really doing a very great work.


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At Rongo alone , she has employed 50 people, to take care of her compound, garden, poultry, pigs and ensure that everything is in order. She pays them well, and out of 50, 30 are permanently employed, while others are casual workers.

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While at her other Multimillion Mansion at Mombasa, she has employed 80 individuals. Those are the ones who maintain her compound and make sure that everything is okay and the home is clean. In addition to this she also has several companies and her foundation, where she has also employed hundreds of individuals.

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We can clearly see how she is a very essential person in the society, and there are hundreds of people depending on her, Congratulations Akothee keep on doing the good work.



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