Huyo ni Hatari, A Woman Caught On CCTV Stealing and Hiding Alcohol Inside Her Private Parts.

A Woman Stealing and Hiding Alcohol Inside Her Private Parts

A viral video of a middle aged woman doing a very unusual thing has really caused stir online, and even shocked alot of social media users. The lady seems to be a well trained thief because she uses a very unique method to steal alcohol from a liquor store.

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In the video , the lady is spotted entering one of the Liquor stores along Thika road. She is well dressed and she poses like a very humble customer, who has just come to buy alcohol just like all other normal customers.

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After entering the store, she starts looking with hawk eyes to see where the cashier and the store attendants are. She notices no one is seeing her, the lady goes ahead and grabs a huge bottle of alcohol, she looks right and left, then she goes on and hides the bottle inside her private parts.

Immediately after doing that, the lady returns her dress to normal, and she walks out like a person who was looking for a certain brand of alcohol and didn’t get it.

Here is the full video.


The owner of the liquor store has warned all the liquor store owners to be careful , because this seems to be the new method thieves are using to steal.

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Thieves no longer fearing the CCTV cameras, they just have an audacity to steal Infront of the camera and walk away. This is not the first time such a thing is happening in Kenya, sometime back a lady was also caught on camera shoplifting things in a supermarket and hiding them in her private parts.

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