Kevin Bahati: How My Ex Girlfriend Made Me Fail KCSE.

Bahati narrates how his ex girlfriend made him fail KCSE

One of the most famous and celebrated secular singer Kevin Bahati , has decided to open up on his first love life and how it almost made him loose everything.

Bahati spoke about this while responding to a question asked about his young firstborn son Morgan having a girlfriend while still at primary school.

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Speaking in an interview with online media, Bahati said that he was mad, when Morgan introduced his girlfriend to the public. He said that he is still against the idea of him having a lover at his younger age. Bahati said that he completely didn’t agree with Diana over it, and he has also warned Morgan about it.

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The main reason why he disagree with his son having a girlfriend while still in school, is because it will make him not to focus on studies, he might spend alot of time focusing on the lady.

Bahati said that he didn’t get the grade he wanted in KCSE because of his first lover, who was identified as Nancy. He said that she dumped him just few months to KCSE , and since she was his first ever lover, this really affected him mentally.

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He wasn’t able to focus, he was stressed and most of his quality time he spend on the healing process. This affected his performance in the class, and finally made him to get a great that he wasn’t targeting.

The singer said that he has been having a conversation with his wife Diana, and he is sure that the story of Morgan and his girlfriend won’t happen again, he is still young and he has more to do before getting himself into relationships.

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