” Walinidharau , Now I’m Dating The Most Beautiful Woman in Kenya” Stevo Simple Boy.

No one believed that Stevo Simple Boy will ever go on a date with Betty Kyallo. When he posted on his social media pages, everyone was making fan of him, and a section of netizens insulted and mocked him, telling him that Betty is a high class woman and that he can’t afford her.

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Simple Boy meant his words, and he shut the mouths of his haters by going at a high end hotel in the city, for a dinner date with the beautiful Betty Mutei Kyallo.

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Many couldn’t believe but the pictures and videos of them enjoying and having good moments, made them believe that everything is possible. Alot of men thirst on Betty Kyallo but she has never stepped out on a date with any of them, meaning Stevo Simple Boy is so special.

" Walinidharau , Now I'm Dating The Most Beautiful Woman in Kenya" Stevo Simple Boy.
” Walinidharau , Now I’m Dating The Most Beautiful Woman in Kenya” Stevo Simple Boy.

Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui, Stevo Simple Boy said that they downgraded him, now he is about to have the most beautiful woman in kenya. There is a greenlight already that Betty Kyallo may give him a chance to have a taste of her.

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He said that Betty told him to wait , but they are in good terms and also more than friends. They talk and the way things are going on, Stevo is hopeful that very soon he will be walking down the isle with Betty Kyallo, and they hope to have children together , something that will happen as time goes on.

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