” Waliniambia Sina Sauti Ya TV” How KBC Rejected Lulu Hassan When Starting Her Career.

Lulu Hassan Reveals How KBC Rejected Her

Famous TV presenter and journalist, Lulu Hassan, decided to speak about her dark past. She opened up on her struggles, and how KBC rejected her when she was beginning her journalism career.

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Speaking in an interview with Jeff and Nick, Lulu Hassan said that to her , becoming a journalist and appearing on TV, is a fullfilment of her late mums dreams.

She said that when she was young, she used to take newspapers to her mother, and before giving her, she would read it infront of her. Her mum was impressed with her English and told her that she will be on Tv one day.

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So her journey of becoming a journalist started, there, before she became a receptionist, and landed into a job at radio salamu. While there , she didn’t just relax, she went back to school as she looks for other greener pastures.

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Her dream of becoming a TV presenter, started by going for a screen test at KBC. However this was the most heartbreaking part of her career. Remember it was just the beginning.

Lulu said that, a famous media personality, who is still at KBC up to date (2024), chased her away. She was rejected by the Tv station, and she was told that she doesn’t have a good voice for TV.

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She didn’t give up, she kept on improving, and at the age of 20 years, she secured a job at KTN , which is under standard media. Her audience expanded and her being on TV made her very famous.

Lulu Hassan Reveals How KBC Rejected Her
Lulu Hassan Reveals How KBC Rejected Her

Everything led to another, and after a short time, Lulu emerged as one of the best Swahili journalists in Kenya. Her  ‘Nipashe Wikendi ‘ with Kanze Dina was among the most watched news in Kenya. Her husband Rashid came in to replace Kanze Dina.

That is is how Lulu and Rashid became a big deal , and despite being rejected, she is now among the top notch celebrated journalist in kenya.

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