” Trevor Spends Money Carelessly, Sina Mtu Wa Kunifanyia Harusi” Mungai Eve.

An Old video of Eve Exposing Trevor Goes Viral Online

An old video of Mungai Eve exposing her boyfriend Director Trevor, has resurfaced online, this is after romours of their break up went viral online. It is alleged that the two love birds are no longer together, however those are just allegations.

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In the video, Mungai Eve was being interviewed by online media, concerning her relationship with Director Trevor, and how they spend money.

Eve said that in their relationship, Trevor spends Money Carelessly , and he can’t account for the money he has used, because he just spends without knowing the exact amount.

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The other question was about them getting married via a huge wedding. Trevor said that he is not ready for marriage, marriage needs a grownup and a person who is ready to take care of the family.

Eve was shocked and asked him if he is not a grown up, she then jumped in to answer the question. She said that the public can see that she has no a person to wed her, so she is waiting till she gets a perfect person to wed her.

” Harusi inatakaa mtu amekomaa akili, mimi hadi in the next 5 years ivi” Trevor said.
” Kwa hivyo hujakomaa akili, si nyinyi mmeona hata, kwa hivyo nangojea mtu wa kunifanyia harusi saa hii sina” Eve responded to Trevor.

This is just an old video where, Andrew Kibe was predicting the breakup of the two, and according to the sources, it seems that somehow things aren’t good between the two, but they still hangout together.
Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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