” Mapenzi Imenikataa” 35 Years Old Shix Kapienga Reveals Why She Is Still Single.

Shix Kapienga Reveals Why She Is Still Single

Shix Kapienga the famous host of the Jamdown show at NTV, has finally decided to reveal to the public, the reason why she is still single at the age of 35 Years old.

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The former actress of the famous Papa Shirandula, previously said that most men fear her, because of her character in the Tv, hence they just fear approaching her.

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In the latest podcast at Ikonini show, Kapienga first started by revealing why most empowered women are finding it hard to settle in a relationship. Remember in the current society, there is also a good number of women who are empowered, and they really struggle to get good men.

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Kapienga on her side, she said that she is still single, because love is not her thing. She has find it difficult to fall in love, because it is not easy to know the intention of a person who is approaching you.
The actress said that, she is not worried of her age, she is just good, and she has decided to dedicate her time to work and making more money. She is already living a lavish lifestyle, hence there is nothing that can stress her, therefore she is just cool not being married at her age.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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