Eric Omondi Offers Obinna Ksh.2 Million As He Reveals He Is Depressed After Loosing A Job at Kiss Fm.

Eric Omondi vs Obinna beef

The self proclaimed president of comedy in Kenya and Africa Eric Omondi is on a heated beef with the former radio presenter at Kiss 100 Obinna. The two entertainers are having a very nasty beef online, and they have been throwing shade at each other.

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Obinna was the one who started the whole mess, after he claimed that Eric Omondi is being sponsored by politicians or he is doing a con job to be capable to fund his activities. According to Obinna, Eric Omondi has no enough money to buy maize flour for people and also run his activism campaigns.

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In other words Obinna was trying to mean that Eric Omondi is broke and there is something or someone who funds his all activities.
Eric Omondi came out openly to prove to Kenyans that he is wealthy, and he uses his money to fund his activism campaigns. He showed off cash, ksh.30 Million.

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He went ahead and said that Oga Obinna is just battling with depression, he has no job, and loosing work at Kiss 100 drained him, that is why he is bitter whe he sees him in the streets, helping hungry Kenyans.

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Eric Omondi said he is very richer than Obinna, and he made his first ksh.3 Million in 20008, that time Obinna was in primary school. Eric Omondi went on and said that he is willing to support Obinna, and he offered him ksh.2 Million for free.

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Eric Omondi said that he can’t be compared to anyone in Kenya when it comes to being wealthy, he said that the only person he respects is Akothee and he believes that him and Akothee are the only richest artists in Kenya.

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