Untold story of Nicholas Kioko: From a Poor Hawker to a YouTube Millionaire.

How Nicholas kioko rose from a poor hawker to a YouTube Millionaire.

Nicholas kioko is one of the most famous YouTubers in Kenya. He is a content creator and   in just a span of  1 year , Kioko is one of the best online interviewers in Kenya. However his journey to success hasn’t been easy, he has been through alot.

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He is a graduate of journalism from Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS).Since he came from a humble background, he had to depend for himself, therefore he decided to start hustling. He used to hawk sweets in buses, before becoming a beauticians.

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In his previous interviews, Nicholas kioko said that he used to do manicure for people at Bus Station.This was the toughest moments of his life because even passengers used to mock him, and tell him that he has no life. When covid 19 came, manicure business went down. Kioko decided to start hawking masks , so that he can earn a living.

Nicholas kioko
Nicholas kioko before and After Fame/Courtesy

He was forced to quit his internship at Citizen Tv because of the government rules, where there was supposed to be social distance in offices. The young man was almost giving up with life because things seemed not to be working out.

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Hawking and manicure business had gone low, so he decided to try YouTube. Him starting YouTube was just like a joke. The video that changed his life and made him to start focusing on YouTube is the interview with Osonko .

The interview blew up, making him gain fame and subscribers. After that he received his first salary of YouTube which was a good amount of money. He realised that the platform pays very well. He stated dropping content daily and currently Nicholas kioko has 295k subscribers and he is making millions of money from YouTube.

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It is estimated that in January and February 2022 he made ksh.3Million from the platform. YouTube has changed his life and currently he is building a Multimillion Mansion at his matrimonial home. He has landed into several brand deals and also made his girlfriend Ashley Wambo a bigger brand.

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