A prostitute Dies With a Man on top of Her as a Building Collapses on Them .

A prostitute dies with a man on top of her.

Nigerian Prostitute Dies With a man on top of her.Death can meet you anywhere, we all don’t know when our day will come. However when it reaches we can’t escape death . The news that have gone viral on social media pages , is of a beautiful prostitute, who died in the line of duty.

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Sources have revealed that, the curvy damsel was making merry with her client. When the building suddenly collapsed on them.The moment seemed to be rumpy and pumby because there bodies were found naked . They died on the spot and something that also shocked many people is that, they were on top of each other.

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It is a very painful death, despite the fact that they died enjoying themselves. Such incidents rarely happen, but what you think can’t happen always happens.

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The Nigerian police Officers collected the dead bodies and took them at the mortuary. May there souls rest in peace, we also pray for their families during this difficult moments.

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