Cartoon 47: Diamond platnumz Alininyang’anya Zuchu.

Cartoon 47 Claims that Diamond Platnumz Snatched Zuchu from him.

An upcoming Amapiano artist from Kenya , Cartoon 47 has again opened up about his relationship with Zuchu, who is currently the girlfriend to Diamond Platnumz.

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Speaking in an interview with online media, Cartoon said that it is true that him and Zuchu were dating. He said that they started dating a year ago after Zuchu texted him, thanking him for doing a challenge of her song. So they started talking and decided to try having a thing.

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However things started changing on February 2022 , when Diamond platnumz started hanging out with Zuchu. The whole of valentine period , Diamond and Zuchu were very close, and it is like they were having a thing.

Cartoon said  that, he questioned Zuchu, but she told him that it was a business clout. This however proceeded after valentine and Diamond and Zuchu continued hanging out and getting cosy, to an extend of kissing each other in public.

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That is how Diamond snatched Zuchu from him. Cartoon 47 however said that , Zuchu is still following him, begging for forgiveness. He even showed screenshot of him and Zuchu.

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The Amapiano superstar said that Zuchu was a very good girlfriend, and she even paid for him a house rent for about three months. He is stit optimistic that they will get back together and he is hopeful that one day he will marry her.

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