Dj Fatxo to Jeff’s Family: Mimi Siogopi Endeni Kitui Mniroge.

Dj Fatxo vs Jeff Mwathi's family

After being cleared by the DCI team, Dj Fatxo decided to start clearing the airwaves concerning Jerr Mwathi’s death. Speaking in an interview with Mpasho, Fatxo publicly defended himself and claimed that he wasn’t involved in the death of Jeff in any way.

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The famous Mugithi superstar said that he is very innocent, and for the three months that the case was under investigation, he used to pray alot. He knew that God will not disappoint him, and by the grace of God, he was set free and every allegations linking him to the death of Jeff was ignored and said that was null and void.

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Fatxo said that if the family of Jeff Mwathi believes and are very sure and confident that he is the one who killed their son, he doesn’t hesitate but urge them to go to Kitui and seek for witchdoctors services. He said that he is fearless and he is sure that he didn’t kill jeff. Fatxo said that witchcraft do work, so they should go to bewitch him, as he had it from some of the insiders.

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Fatxo said that he is sure that witchcraft won’t even work, and it will backfire, because he will still be found innocent. So he warned the family and told them that if they take that step, then they should be ready for it to backfire, and it will  return to them.

” If you are confident enough and sure that I killed Jeff, basi endeni Kitui Mniroge. Uchawi huwa haidanganyi, lakini mkuwe mmejipanga pia, juu hio uchawi ikipata niko innocent itawarudia nyinyi” .

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Fatxo said that people should just clear that perception that he killed Jeff, he said that the DCI made it clear, and on his side he is just a struggling artist and he has no that money to bribe such senior organisation.

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He said that he has been in the dark period for 3 months, and this helped to strengthen his relationship with God, through the whole tough times God always showed up to him, and he is grateful that justice was served and he was found innocent as he had said.

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