Two Beautiful Famous Female Celebrities in Kenya Who Are 40 Years Old and Still Unmarried.

Kenyan female celebrity who are unmarried.

Marriage is something most of us crave for, we all wish at one point in life to have a wife or husband, and settle in a relationship and enjoy good times with our families. But here are two female celebrities in Kenya, who have already made it in life, and have money, they are very mature but still not married. They are 40 years old and still single.

1.Dj Piera Makena.

(courtesy Piera Makena, Instagram)

Piera Makena is one of the most famous female djs in Kenya. She has achieved alot and right now she has money and living her dream life. Piera Charges a very good amount of money to perform in any show. Despite having one baby girl, at the age of 40 years, Dj Piera Makena is still single, and hasn’t talked about getting in Marriage. She was born in 19 81,and afew months ago she turned 40 years.

2.Lilian Muli.

(courtesy, Lilian Muli Instagram).

She is one of the most beautiful female journalist in Kenya. She works for Royal Media Company. She is a news anchor at citizen tv. Lilian muli was born on may 1981,she is currently 40 years old, but still unmarried. Lilian was once in a serious relationship but it ended in tears. Since then we have never seen her in a relationship. We are still praying for her to get a husband of her choice.

Those are two famous female celebrities in Kenya who are 40 years old and still unmarried.

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