“Hapa Sasa Umepata Mke Tulia Uoe Sasa” Mama Dang’ote tells His Son Diamond Platinumz.

Diamond and Zuchu Dating


Mama Dang’ote has caused stir online after revealing that Diamond Platinumz is currently dating, and he is in a very happy relationship with the woman he is dating. Mama Dang’ote said that the lady and Diamond Platinumz have good vibes, they match and it is like they were meant to be together.

Mama Dang’ote who always plays a very big role in helping Diamond Platinumz to make most of his decisions, especially when it comes to dating and marriage issues, has also validated the lady. Mama Dang’ote said that she can’t hide her happiness because his son Diamond has now officially found his perfect match.

She went a head and advised Diamond Platinumz to marry the lady and settle in a relationship now.
(Here is the screenshot of Mama Dang’ote’s message to Diamond Platinumz).

(courtesy Mama Dang’ote Instagram).

According to romours that have been trending online, Diamond and Zuchu seem to be dating. Despite the two saying that they are best friends, their vibe and closeness tells us more. In their recent video they have been spotted kissing. Apart from that the two frequently hangout together and they have been spotted at late night dinner dates together.

Zuchu spends alot of her time in Diamond Platinumzs mansion and she has been spotted several times wearing the same clothes with Diamond. Uncle Shante and Babalevo had also previously revealed that Diamond has already paid dowry and they are only waiting for the wedding day.
The lady must be Zuchu, lets wait and see because all the evidence is there and there vibe is just dope, they make a good couple indeed.

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