Stevo Simple Boy: Wanawake Wananipenda Sana, I Have 40 Girlfriends.

Stivo Simple Boy lover boy

Kenyan singer and controversial celebrity, Stevo Simple Boy, opens up about the overwhelming affection he receives from Kenyan women. Addressing his online notoriety for changing girlfriends frequently, he reveals the staggering number – 40 women.

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In the span of two years, Stevo has been linked to over four women, gaining attention for his cozy interactions and introducing some as his wives. Recently, he presented Grace as his wife during his father’s funeral, announcing her pregnancy. However, his romantic interests swiftly shifted to Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze and, ultimately, Wanjih Kihii.

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In a candid interview, Stevo clarifies that contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t pursue women; they pursue him. Humorously mentioning having around 40 girlfriends, he hints at a mix of playfulness and potential seriousness, driven by his tendency to switch partners for both attention and genuine connections.

Since parting ways with Pritty Vishy, Stevo Simple Boy remains in a perpetual cycle of relationships, yet to find his perfect match.

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