Arrow Bwoy: Najivunia Kuvunja Nadia Mukami Ubikra

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan musician, Arrow Bwoy caused stir online, during a quick fire with her girlfriend and wife to be Nadia Mukami.
The two had a very steamy quickfire session, whereby they were questioning each other random question, but the question were very deep, some linked to their past relationships, and other bedroom matters.

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The session was based to promote their upcoming ,love and vibes show that will be held in Eldoret. You can book tickets via their official Instagram pages , through the links.

During the session, Arrow Bwoy questioned Nadia Mukami on her purity. He fearlessly asked her who took her virginity, Nadia Mukami didn’t hesitate, she responded that it is him.

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There was a silent moment, then Arrow Bwoy went on and accepted that it is true, he is the one who broke Nadia Mukami’s purity. He said that for him, he first got intimate when in form2, it wasn’t a good experience because he got a pure lady, and the experience was just weird.

Arrow Bwoy was very open on his past, he even went on and revealed that, with his previous ex girlfriend, they used to get intimate in the studio and even in the car.

On the other hand, Nadia Mukami had little to say about herself, she seemed to be very clean. She denied that she has never had any sponsor ( Mubabaz) in her life.

In the previous interviews , Nadia Mukami has always been admitting publicly that she was a very goot lady, and she was very focused on making it in life, she was bright in school and academically she used to perform very well, that is among the reasons why Nadia has very few relationship scandals.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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