They Begged Me For Forgiveness After  They  Attempted To Scam Me Off Some  Cash.

At one point in life you have heard stories of people being conned good some of money, and you would think it’s a stage managed story of people looking for sympathy, that’s not true, there are con men and women out here who are busy conning people day In day out, if you don’t believe so wait until it happens to you that’s when you will believe that scammers exist. No need to go that direction here is my story.

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I never believed in stories that people said that they had been conned cash until the day I experienced myself. It’s a day that still ring in my mind and I don’t forgetting it has been tough, one evening as I was heading home from the shopping Centre I came across a poster that had adverts of Gold selling that was cheap as compared to the other one on the market, 30 kilograms of Gold from the black market, I did a few calculation my mind and learned that if I took it from the black market and export it, I would be a millionaire, it was amounting to Kenyan shillings 20000000 if I  took it to the Chinese market, I convinced myself that it was a great deal, that would end my suffering in this world. I copied their contacts to my phone and called them without hesitance.

I was informed that the gold was from a black market in Tanzania and that; it would a perfect deal to be done at Namanga border point on the boundary of Kenya and Tanzania. They asked me to have the money in a briefcase, so as the business would be easy for both of us and that we would secretly do it without the border point’s authorities knowing about it. I felt a bit hesitant, but as we talked on the phone they seemed to be good people without realizing the game plan that was underway. I had done a fundraising for my son who was joining University in a month’s time, I had managed to raise Kenyan shillings 400000 that would help meet the schools in the coming year, I asked my self-many questions before I took the cash, I came to an agreement that I wanted more cash and that was the only cash I would use, I went to the bank withdrew Kenyan shillings 400000 and placed it in a briefcase, that night I communicated with them how we would meet, and we agreed to meet in a hotel at Namanga, The following morning embarked to a journey towards Namanga.


After a one hour thirty minutes’ drive, I arrived at Namanga, I called them and they picked me to a restaurant, where after a few discussions, we reached a deal, Gold was surrendered in exchange for cash, we both took a closer look and the deal was done. I left Namanga for Nairobi happily; I knew I would be a millionaire in a moth. When I arrived I went to check its quality from the gold experts, that’s when I rallied I had been, the experts said the stones were granite painted yellow. I was in shock that I started to cry by myself, where was I going to get 400000k for my sons’ school fees, I thought of the police but knew they were too busy with other cases, a friend tipped me about kiwanga doctors, I contacted them and explained to the doctor everything that transpired.

They Begged Me For Forgiveness After  They  Attempted To Scam Me Off Some  Cash.

The doctor said it was easy and my cash would be brought back, he casted black magic spell that would reach the scammers in just an hour. In an hour after the spells were casted I started receiving phone calls from the scammers. They told me they were sorry and told me they were really suffering and they want to send the money back, I gave them my number and in two minutes my cash was back. Thanks to kiwanga doctors, I advise anyone who has experience such fraudulent act to visit kiwanga doctors they the solution, They also treat and heal various diseases like Lung cancer, Broken bones, and Meningitis among other diseases they also cast real and genuine spells in the world like Love spell, Success spell and black magic spell among other spells.

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