I felt shock at first. This woman suddenly wasn’t Mum any more. Then I felt deceived and angry. For many years I never knew who my real parents were and when one day I saw a poster on kiwanga doctors being able to tell once future I decided to call doctor kiwanga who promised to let me know who my real parents were.

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I was 23 and had just finished my undergraduate degree when, Out of the blue, my elderly Kikuyu mother announced that she had something to tell me. “But you look too busy, so I’ll tell you later…” I said mum if you’ve got something to say, tell me now.” She was nervous and asked me to sit down, but I refused. I thought she was going to tell somebody was dying. Instead, she revealed that she was not my biological mother. Her brother. One of my uncles, a mad I’d never met, who lived in Nairobi, was my real father. I slumped against the wall in shock. By the end I was splayed on the floor.  I’d always known my parents, who had settled in Mombasa, struggled to have children. They had tried for 16 years and had three miscarriages.

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When mum had to go back to Kaka mega in 2000 to visit her sick father, Dad said, “Why don’t you see if you can get a baby from an orphanage in Nairobi”.

But it dint work out. My uncle must have seen how sad she was. He proposed that he and his wife have a baby for her. They had already had two sons, John and jack, who were 10 and 11, and said their child –rearing years were behind them.

Then felt deceived and angry, but after that came excitement that I had brothers. I wanted to call up all my all friends and them: “remember that kid you went to school with who had no sibling? I’ve suddenly got two!”

My biological mother had died in 2004. My mum felt guilty that she’d denied me the chance to meet her. I wondered at the time why her sister-in-law’s death affected her so much, but know it made sense. My biological father was still alive when I discovered the truth, but he died two years later, before I had a chance to meet him.

I question why I dint travel to see him straight away; But I wasn’t in a hurry to do it. I dint want to get to know another set of parents. When I finally went to Nairobi to meet my brothers, I told mum she had to come with me. She’d been the architect of this, so she had to be there when we finally reunited it was wonderful to meet them, and we have a great relationship now.

They’d always known I existed, but had to respect the family’s wishes. Now we Skype regularly and, as neither of them has their own children, they are delighted to get to know my sons. And all those years learning my Native Luhya language, at mum’s insistence, paid off; as I can speak to them I forgave my parents quickly. At the end of the day, they’d always loved me.

My wife and I struggled to conceive for two years, and that was tough. Mum and dad had close to 18 years of that. My dad had since died, but he taught me so much, including how to be a father. My mum odors my boys. I’ll tell them one day:  “Without that lady and the lengths she went to become a mother, I wouldn’t be here and neither would you. Credit to Kiwanga doctors, were it not for you I would be in darkness forever.

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