Baba Talisha Reveals That There Will Be Fundraising For Chira’s Thanksgiving.

Faustine Don well known as Baba Talisha decided to reveal the way forward after successful planning the burial of Brian Chira. Despite all the controversy surrounding how the money was used and also the death of Brian Chira, Baba Talisha seemed to have moved on from that.

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There is a case that Truthwatchdog has already reported at the police concerning Brian Chira and seeking an inquiry to his death. Ksh.8 Million was raised by tiktokers to support and even build a house for Brian Chira’s grandmother, and there is alot of stories surrounding that contribution.
However Baba Talisha has revealed that there will be a special thanksgiving day for everyone who came through to support the burial of Brian Chira. It will happen on June and it will happen at children’s home.

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He said that tiktokers will fundraise but the contributions will be sent to the children homes Paybill number. They want to buy mattresses and all basic needs to those children. They will also give away Chira’s clothes to the children home.
He has urged all the tiktokers to unite and make it happen big, the way they came through for Brian Chira. He said that he will inform the public the exact date and they will go at the children home together.

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