Kenyans Beg Citizen Tv to Interview Dj Fatxo and It Should be Hosted by Ayub Abdkadir.

Kenyans beg Citizen Tv to interview Fatxo.

A good number of Kenyans are still not  convinced with DJ Fatxo’s story, especially after his interview at Radio Jambo, and they have now requested Royal Media based station Citizen Tv to interview Dj Fatxo and Ayub Abdkadir should host that interview.

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Through a viral tiktok post made by one of the tiktokers Identified as Kamunge, she urged Citizen Tv to do Kenyans a favour , by doing an interview with Dj Fatxo. For that interview to be convincing, their top notch political journalist, Ayub Abdkadir should be allowed to interview Dj Fatxo.

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The video had alot of comments, and many people agreed with her suggestions. They went on and tagged citizen tv and Ayub Abdkadir. They believe that , if such an interview is done, then they will be convinced on whether Fatxo is innocent or guilty for Jeff Mwathi’s Murder.

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Here are screenshots of some of the comments from tiktokers.

Kenyans beg Citizen Tv to interview Fatxo.
Kenyans beg Citizen Tv to interview Fatxo.

Click here to watch full video on Tiktok.

The main reason Kenyans only want Ayub Abdkadir to interview Dj Fatxo, is because of how eloquent he is and how he showed his bravery and confidence while interviewing the president on matters about Kenya. The Journalist gained alot of fame, and they believe that he is the only one who can make Fatxo say the truth on what led to the death of Jeff Mwathi.

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