Inspiring Story of How Millicent Omanga Rose From Selling Mitumba Bedsheets to a Senator and a Millionaire.

Millicent Omanga a former mitumba bedsheets seller who is a millionaire now.

Millicent Omanga is not a new name to many Kenyans. She is popularly known as Mama Miradi. Her story to success has been through trusting the process. She rose from selling 2nd hand bedsheets to a senator and millionaire.

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Background of Millicent Omanga.

Omanga was born in 1982 on 30th may in Kisii county. She is the 1st born of 7 daughters. They were wealthy, till 1999 when her father, who was the bread winner died.Her mother was forced to start blasting stones and selling farm produce, so that she can feed the 7 children.

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After primary school Millicent Omanga joined Mumbai Girls. She then went to a medical training college. This wasn’t the end, she enrolled at University of Nairobi for journalism, and post graduate degree in commerce.

Millicent Omanga Career Journey

The former senator is a long-time and experienced entrepreneur in several fields such as interior design, furniture imports and in construction.

Selling 2nd Hand (Mitumba) Bedsheets.

While still at Nairobi University, she used to sell 2nd hand bedsheets. This was once her source of living and also helped her to pay her university school fees. The business grew up and she decided to venture into interior designs.

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Opening up Stores and Becoming a Millionaire.

Patience and hard work made Omanga a very successful business woman. After investing wisely and accumulating wealth, Omanga has opened more than 15 stores that deal with all aspects of interior design. She owns lead milways enterprise. It deals with the construction things and designs. Millicent is making millions of money from the businesses.


Mama Miradi has openly credited the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto on her entry into politics. In2013 when she was appointed as a company director at Kenya Electricity Generating Company – KenGen. 2017,William Ruto appointed her as a nominated senator. That is how she became vocal in politics. However in 2022 elections, Esther Passaris outshined her in the Nairobi Women Representative race.

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Her  Personal Life, Husband, Children and Wealth.
Millicent Omanga
Millicent Omanga with her family

Dr. Francis Nyamiobo a medical practitioner  is the man who married the former senator. The two are blessed  two children named Maya and Wayne. They are living a lavish life in the suburbs of Nairobi. They own expensive vehicles such as Prado TX, Mercedes Benz and also V8.

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