The Rise and Sudden  Fall of Former Citizen Tv Journalist Jacque Maribe.

The story of Jacque Maribe.


Jacque  Maribe is not a new name to many people. She was one of the best English  Journalists in Kenya. Her fall came all over  sudden , when she was at the peak of her career.

It is unbelievable  that Jacque  Maribe is facing  murder allegations.

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Who is Jacque  Maribe.

She is a mother to a six year old son called Zahari whom she had with Eric Omondi. She was a leading English  Journalist  at Royal  Media services (Citizen Tv). Maribe was born  in 1989, 33 years ago. She was raised  by her parents in Buruburu, Nairobi.

Growing  up, she was a very  bright  girl. She attended  several  primary  school. She attended  State House girls high school. Jacque was in the same class  with  Size 8.

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Journalism Journey.

After finishing form four, and passing  with  flying  colours. Maribe, joined University  of Nairobi , to study  journalism. This was the beginning  of her media journey.

Before making  it to the television, she had featured  in several  films  in local  television. Her professional  path in journalism started  in 2009. The tv queen landed  into a very good job at k24,as a political reporter.

At K24, Jacque Maribe, worked  there  for 2 years, then moved  to kiss100 radio. She was super talented , and Citizen TV noticed her in 2012 and employed her.

While working  at Citizen , she was one of the leading  journalist. She did a good job evidenced by the Head of State Commendation she received in 2017.

In 2018 however, she quited from her highly performing career at Royal Media Services due to personal reasons, which was a murder case accusation.

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The Fall of Jacque Maribe.

It is something  that caught  many  people  with shock. A business  lady  identified as Monica  Kimani, was killed  in her apartment  at Kilimani.

The police  investigation  linked Maribe’s then boyfriend , Jowie to the murder. Maribe  was also  accused  to have played  a role.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe and Jowie during a court hearing /Photo Courtesy

Due to murder  allegations, She was forced to resign from a well paying  job. Maribe started  now battling  with the murder  allegations  case  at the court.

5 years down the line, in 2022, the case is still  on, and it is like things  are going  left.

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Her career  in Journalism went down like that. It may take her time to make a comeback. That is if she will be declared  innocent  by the court  of law.



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