“Kama ni Hivi We Will Support CBC” Kenyans Impressed By A Nursery Teacher winning her Waist with her Pupils.

A video of a Nursery Teacher winning her Waist with children that has impressed Kenyans.

CBC has been the topic  for the past few months. Most Kenyans have been complaining, that the curriculum must be changed. However one of the nursery teachers seemed to have changed the minds of many. This is after she shared a video of her dancing with her Pupils.

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Remember CBC is more of practical , where kids get to show their talents and also abilities to do some things. The teacher who shared the video via her tiktok page, was seen winning her fire waist, as the pupils follow her on the back.

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They were doing Girlfriend challenge, which is a song and challenge by Ruger from Nigeria. It also seemed to be part of the dancing lessons, that are included in the new curriculum.

Click Here to watch the full video on Tiktok.

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Majority of Kenyans on Tiktok were impressed with the challenge and dancing skills. Some even vowed to support CBC , because it natures talents and it is also a vibe .
Here is the screenshot of some of the comments from Kenyans.

Kenyans vow to support CBC / courtesy

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