Stivo Simple Boy: How My Management Denied Harmonize A Collabo With Me.

Kenyan controversial musician Stivo Simple Boy has finally come out openly, to reveal to the public, how his management denied one of the best musician in East Africa, Harmonize a collabo with him.

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Speaking in an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Stivo Simple Boy said that after dropping his hit song “Inauma but itabidii nimezoea” , Tanzanian Singer Harmonize really fell in love with the vibe of the song and he reached out to Simple Boy’s management via Mzazi M Tuva.

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Mzazi informed the then made in Kibera production, which was Simple Boy’s management, and he told them that Harmonize was interested in doing something with Stivo Simple Boy.

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However the management turned down the request that could have elevated Simple Boy’s music. They denied Harmonize a collabo with Simple Boy because of some petty reasons, that Stivo himself doesn’t even understand.

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If they could have done a collabo, then that could have been a turning point of Simple Boy’s music career. He could have started to get shows outside the country, and also he could have gained much fame in Tanzania.

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However Simple Boy said that he is now open to working with Harmonize. He said that now he is on his own. Simple Boy urged Harmonize to be open to him, and they do a collabo, he is ready, and now he has no stress of management, because he is the one who is making his own decisions.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube .

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