” Ni Ukweliii Watu Wanakufa Kwa Kanisa ya Pastor Ezekiel” Former Church Member Reveals.

A former church member reveals how deaths occurs in Pastor Ezekiels church.


The story of Pastor Ezekiel caught many Kenyans with surprise. It is true that alot of people weren’t expecting the pastor to be linked to The shakahola horror. However Stephen Odhiambo a former church member of Pastor Ezekiel’s church has come out openly to reveal the truth on what happens in the church.

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Speaking with online media Stephen Odhiambo, said that he is a former church member of Ezekiel’s ministry. He said that the pastor is the one who transformed his life completely. Steve said that he used to be a very notorious gangster. He used to traffic human beings parts and all other dangerous robberies.

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He survived from being shot live bullets several times. He also witnessed his friends who were thieves being shot to death. Steve said that , his mother took him to Ezekiel for salvation, and that is how his life turned around.

The pastor prayed for him, and through his faith and the power of prayers, he transformed. Steve admitted publicly that it is true that the prayers of Ezekiel do work.

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He went on and said that, the stories of people loosing their lives in the church are true. He said that there is a good number of people who die before reaching the stage where Ezekiel performs miracles, or where he heals people.

This are people who are normally brought in the church in a critical situation , and they don’t get a chance to see the pastor, because of their condition, they die before receiving the spiritual healing.

He said death cases happen, but that doesn’t mean that Ezekiel is the one who kill them, it is just natural death. He said Ezekiel is a true man of God, and all those allegations linking him to Shakahola horror are just lies made to turnish his name.

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