Stevo Simple Boys Manager: I Used to Pay His Rent, Clothes ,Food and Medication.

Stivo Simple Boy’s former manager Vagah Genius, has come out openly to reveal to the public, the truth about the whole of Stivo’s scandal. According to the information spread online, Stivo and his wife alleged that the management has been mistreating him, and they have also left him broke.

Stivo Simple Boy and his manager Vagah
Stivo Simple Boy and his manager Vagah

Speaking in an interview with Obinna, Vagah said that, everything Stivo was telling in interviews were lies. He said that for one year they have only done 5 shows. Out of those 5 shows, the highest show, Stivo was paid ksh.100,000.

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According to the contract they signed, the company was to take 60% of his payments and pay him 40%. Meaning if Stivo earned ksh.100,000 , the company used to take ksh.60,000 . This money was for his projects, production, movement and also house rent.

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Vaga said that since he signed Stivo, he has been paying his rent which is ksh.16,000 per month, food, clothes and movement. Medication and other things he has also been facilitating. He said that he has spend over ksh.500,000 on Stivo Simple Boy.

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The company has not made any profit from Stivo, Vagah said that he had great plans with him, and they were planning to launch the Freshi Barida drinks. This was a life changing deal, and it could have seen Stivo make millions of money from the drinks.

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He said that he has not devoured any money as it was alleged. When it comes to YouTube, the highest amount of money, Simple Boy has ever earned in a month, is about ksh.20,000. He earns nothing from streams, because most people only watch his songs on YouTube.

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Mr Vagah said that he was disappointed with the actions of Stivo and his wife, they lied on camera,yet thet know very well he has been doing everything for them. He said he is no longer the manager of Stivo but he will help him anytime he needs him.


Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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