” Nitampea Camera” Andrew Kibe Encourages Stivo Simple Boy to Open Only Fans Account .

The drama of Stivo Simple Boy attracted the attention of the celebrities critic , Andrew Kibe. His fans tagged him along the story on how Simple Boy has run broke despite being Famous.

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Savage Andrew Kibe started his critics on Simple Boy by fast mocking him. He said that Stivo is a very weak man, he has left his wife to talk on his behalf. According to Kibe Simple Boy is supposed to be a man enough, or he will just keep on begging for help every time.

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Kibe went on and said that , the last thing a man should do is seek for help, especially financial help. A man is supposed to try all means, even hawk if possible to earn money, the nonsense of begging people for help online, is also a sign of a confused weak man.

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He went on and encouraged Stivo Simple Boy and his wife to open onlyfans account. This is a platform, whereby people share explicit content, for them to get paid. Kibe said it is time for Simple Boy and her wife to start creating content on that platform.

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This sounds like a mockery, but Kibe believes that the two will make good sales on the platform. He said that he is much ready to help them. Infact he offered them a brand new camera for shooting clear videos. According to Kibe, joining only fans, is the only way that Stivo and his wife can salvage themselves.

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The other option, Kibe urged the MCSK, to atleast give Simple Boy a job . This can help him because he will be sure of monthly salary, this can also help in transforming his lifestyle.

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