Sherline Anyango: How I Made Over Ksh.30 Million From Twerking Online During Club Covid.

Sherline reveals that she made over Ksh.30 Million from Club Covid.

Sheryline Anyango , one of the most famous twerkers and upcoming musician in Kenya , has come out openly to reveal to the public, how she made over ksh.30 Million from twerking online during club covid.

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Club Covid , was a very famous show, that was being hosted by Xtian Dela, during the Covid 19 lockdown period. It is during this time that Sherline Anyango rose into fame because of her wedge shape, and dope , unique twerking skills.

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At that time Sherline was only 19 years, tycoons who were impressed with her twerking skills, decided to pour money on her. Apart from getting money from twerking on Xtian Dela show, Sherline also used to do private twerking sessions.

Sherline Anyango
Sherline Anyango

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Sherline said that she used to twerk with her butts naked, and people used to send her lots of money. During the Covid 19 period , she gained both fame and money.

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The young girl said that she made over ksh.30 Million.She divided this money wisely, she bought a house worth ksh.25 Million, built for her parents a house worth ksh.4 Million, and other money she invested wisely.

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Despite gaining all the fame, Sherline said that she is still regretting for doing what she did to be famous and rich. Her twerking with her butts naked is something that has really messed up with her. The viral videos and photos made her rich Mzungu man, who had already married her on papers to dump her.

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That is how her marriage with the Mzungu ended in premium tears, and she was forced to come back in Kenya, rebrand herself and start a new journey as a musician.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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