Nilipiga io Kitu! 2Mbili Opens Up On Sleeping With Ngesh Kaveve kazoze.

2Mbili and Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze Dating!!

Famous comedian and content creator 2Mbili, finally decided to open up on the viral allegations of him and upcoming gengetone artist, Ngesh Kaveve kazoze having an affair. It has been alleged that the two are having something secretly.

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Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui, 2mbili was unapologetic to all people who have been hating on him. He had nothing to hide, he said that he didn’t use Ngesh Kaveve kazoze as many people are claiming. He is the one who spend almost ksh.10,000 to go and get her from Naivasha interview her and got her some brand deals.

2mbili and Ngesh Kaveve kazoze
2mbili and Ngesh Kaveve kazoze

2Mbili said that he did all this to promote her, and atleast give her a platform for people to know her very well, because her song and the spider gang had gone viral.

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On the issue of dating and getting intimate with Ngesh , 2Mbili didn’t accept or denie, he said that Ngesh is over 18 years, and if she wants him and her to get intimate, it can happen, and if 2mbili also wants her in his bedroom it can also happen, there is no offence , because they are two grown ups who have agreed to have a steamy intimate session.

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The comedian said, if it happened then that it is, so people should stop feeling bad , because Ngesh is a grown up and as long as anything done is legal then that is it.

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He also went on and denied using Ngesh to get views. He said that his interview with Ngesh made less than ksh.1000 on YouTube, yet he spend over ksh.10,000 to get her from Naivasha. 2mbili said all he did was out of his heart, and he just wanted to help her in branding and also try to make her more relevant in the music industry.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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