Sabato: Ngoma Ya Gurdian Angel Moja Ni Noma Kuliko The Whole Album Ya Otile Brown.

One of the most famous and rising top content critic, after Andrew Kibe hanged his boots of is Sabato Sabato. He has been going viral online for hitting up at Kenyan musicians and even terming some of them as trash.

Otile Brown is one of the artist that has really received whips from Sabato Sabato. He started this when Otile fired his long-term manager Noriega. Sabato said it was a wrong move, that would see Otile go down musically.

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After Otile dropped his much anticipated album Grace, Sabato criticized it and said that the creativity is just zero and that album will just flop because there is nothing new there.

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He went on an said that Gurdian Angel is a gospel musician , but he is doing a very great job compared to Otile Brown. Guardian Angel one song is even bigger than Otile Browns entire album. Those were the words of Sabato. He said Otile needs to strategize and make a comeback or else he will just flop and Kenyans will forget him.

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