Willy Paul: Diana Marua Messed Up With my Life and Made me Suffer from Depression.

Willy Paul Opens up on Depression

Willy Paul Opens up on Depression .

One of the most controversial secular artist in Kenya, Willy Paul has decided to open up on depression. Pozze who has been in several scandals since the start of his music Journey, decided to speak how he is still trying his best to clean his brand.

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Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Willy Paul said that the viral rape allegations by Diana Marua really messed up with his things. This was a scandal that happened a year ago. Diana Marua alleged that Willy Pozze assaulted her and the story went viral.

This had a very negative impact on Willy Pozze  and companies and corporates stopped working with him. He lost alot of brand deals, and he was almost loosing everything. Pozze said that he went into depression for some months and bouncing back has also been a journey.

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He has been guided very well and he thank God that he was able to bounce back through his famous Toto song. The song made him regain his morale and since then he has been making moves. He however said that he still seek mental health sessions.

Currently Pozze is working very hard to clean his brand that was turnished by viral Diana Marua’s assault allegations . He said that he has stayed away from scandals for sometime and he will be like that forever. His video songs have no nudity and the brand is again regaining its fame.

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Pozze said that all this has been possible through God and now he is venturing into Matatu business. He has already three Matatus and they are for hire. He thanked his loyal fans for supporting him and  also almighty God for guiding him and giving him strength.

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