18 Years Old Girl Introduces Her 70 Years Old Husband.

love has no age gap, love does not judge, it is just a strong feeling from the heart, that makes people attracted to each other. That is why everyone is always free to love whoever they want and you may find that love is working out well.

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The story of love of an 18 years old girl dating a 70 years old man is very shocking, because thar is an age gap of 52 good years. Meaning that the girl was born when this man is already 52 years.

Merville and Jampi are a couple from DRC, the two are a unique couple, because Merville is just a young girl who dropped out of school, and opted to get married to Jampi a 70 years old man who has two grownup children living abroad.

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Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English, Merville said that she first met the love of her life, when she had gone to fetch water. One thing led to another, and finally the two decided to become a husband an wife.

18 Years Old Girl Introduces Her 70 Years Old Husband.
18 Years Old Girl Introduces Her 70 Years Old Husband.

When she introduced Jampi, her parents didn’t like the idea, however they were forced to just accept the situation because their daughter was already in life.
For Jampi, he opted to take Mervile because he had lost a wife and he wanted a very good young lady to take care of him.

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Therefore he decided to fall in love with Merville. It seemed not to be a good idea, but the two have strong feelings and they are optimistic that they will live together forever.
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