Ruth K: I Had A Crush On Mulamwah, I was Ready To Do Everything To Make Him My Man.

Mulamwah and Ruth K

Ruth K and her fiance Mulamwah had a hot question and answer session. In this session, the couple revealed some of their deeper secrets, and we were also able to identify who was the first one to make move.

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In a previous video, Mulamwah revealed that Ruth K had his photos on her phone, despite them not dating. Infact they hadn’t even known each other , but she already had his photos. Then he also revealed that Ruth was the one who asked for a number and initiated the first meet up.

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During the question and answer session, Mulamwah asked Ruth K why she choose him of all the people. It was a very controversial question, and Ruth even hesitated to answer, because she met Mulamwah at a breaking point.

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Ruth said that she already had a crush on Mulamwah, and when they met , she listened to him and automatically knew that this is the man she has been looking for. She was therefore ready to do everything to make him her man. She believed him and trusted him.

In addition Ruth said that she choose to ignore all the bad things that were being said at Mulamwah during that period. She gave him a shoulder to lean on and from there, their chemistry became more stronger, one thing led to another and they are now a power couple.

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