” Ni Photocopy Ya Mulamwah Kabisaa” Kenyans React To Keilah Muthooni’s Photos.

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnies Daughter, Keilah

Carol sonnie the ex girlfriend and baby mama of Mulamwah, decided to share the photos of their full grown baby, Keilah Muthooni on her Instagram page, and Kenyans had alot to say, most people comparing her resemblance to Mulamwah.

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Carol sonnie and Mulamwah ended their relationship in 2022, it was a very painful breakup , that took both of them sometime to heal. The two had dated for some years and God had blessed them with a beautiful baby girl. They named her Keilah Oyando.

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However after breakup, Carol decided to change her name to Muthooni, claiming that Mulamwah disowned her, and she is the one who has been supporting her. This was controversial but Mulamwah choose to keep calm.

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When Carol shared the photos of Keilah, Kenyans on Instagram didn’t keep quiet, they decided to reveal the truth that she is indeed a daughter of Mulamwah, even the looks resemble.

Here are the screenshots of some of the comments from Kenyans on Instagram.

Mulamwah moved on he is happily dating Ruth K , they did a traditional wedding and are expecting a bundle of joy. They are a happy couple.

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