Toto Shimanyula Alleges: Khalwale Killed His Employee, Not a Cow; He Was the Lover of His Wife.

Toto Shimanyula Alleges That Senator Boni Khalwale Killed His Employee.

Kakamega homeboys sponsor and one of the most famous and affluent business man in Kakamega, Toto Shimanyula has come up with a very sensitive allegations, that have really caused stir online. This is after Boni Khalwale the senator of Kakamega, revealed that his worker was killed by his bull.

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However according to Toto , he alleges that what the senator said wasn’t true. He claims that they are pure lies and went on said that Boni khalwale was the one who murdered his on employee.

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Toto Shimanyula claims that he saw the body of the deceased, and the injuries the body has aren’t for a cow, to him it seems like someone stabbed him to death.
He went on and alleged that he has credible information that Khalwale was the one who killed his worker. He claimed that the worker was secretly seeing the senators wife, and this might be the cause of his death.

Shimanyula said that he is with the family during this difficult time, and the stories of Khalwale wasn’t adding up, because he has seen people who have been killed by bulls before.

The act of senator being too good on the bull is also a sing of what happened. Toto alleged that, Boni is so controversial and he usually does crazy things. Therefore he will stand with the family.

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He urged the DCI to do their investigations well, but on his side he will make sure that justice is served. Toto is very wealthy and he is also able to help the family get justice. Those are just allegations from Shimanyula, the information available is that of Khalwale who said that his bull killed his employee.

Here is the video.

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