Street Smart: Learn How the Mayai Man Rakes in Ksh.60,000 Daily with 2000 Eggs.

A business man who is into eggs business, famous as ‘Mayai Pasua’ shocked many kenyans after he decided to reveal to the public how his business has made him wealthy.

The normal hawking of eggs is viewed as a low class job in Kenya, but people who are in the business really reap alot. Randomly an egg seller in Nairobi city is estimated to be making about ksh.1000 to 2000 daily. However for this man the profit made is way above that and people were questioning how.

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This egg seller revealed that he has been into the egg hawking business for 19 years. He always walks around with eggs and a gas. Meaning that he can serve his customers with any type of eggs they want , that is both boiled and fried.

Remember for a boiled egg, it goes at Ksh.30 bob each and for a fried egg or an omelette is about ksh.40 bob, it varies. This man revealed that he has several eggs stands in Nairobi CBD.

The stands are at different stages, and himself he walks around just hawking eggs like a normal hawker. He said that daily he sells about 2000 eggs.
This is eggs sold by him and from his several stands. If you do your mathematics well, this is about ksh.60,000 daily. It is a crazy amount of money and unbelievable. But since he has uncountably stands in Nairobi CBD then it is possible that he might be selling over 2000 eggs daily.

The middle aged man said that he has his own home, and he has built a mansion. The egg business has helped him to educate his  children and he is doing well in life. He urged kenyans to stop complaining,  they can be self employed and reap huge profits like him.

Here is the video.

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