Breaking Through: My Four-Year Climb from Tarmacking  to Newsroom

I graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communication back in the year 2017. Life at campus was really good since I would enjoy since my parents catered for everything and so I did not complain at any moment. Life outside campus was extremely harsh as I was now a grown up and I would seldom depend on my parents for support keeping in mind I was about to hit 24 years of age. With such an age it was like a form of disability to stay at your parents’ home or even beg them any form of money yet they had played their role in educating me hence it was my time to play my role to seek a job since the ball was officially in my court. I moved on to Naivasha where I worked as an intern with high hope I would be employed officially in the organization.

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After three months of working as an intern, my services were terminated as they only employed people with experiences of more than three years in that field. After a while I moved on to the capital where life really striked me hard. Journalism was my passion and anything less than that was meaningless to me. I only wanted a journalism and mass communication alone nothing more. Life was really difficult for I had now stayed for a year with no job. I decided to do anything that came my way. I was once hired in a hospital as a cleaner it was not a job to be admired with any person since I used to clean corridors of ICU in the hospital. Sometimes patients with all kinds of injuries were brought so I watched several of them with broken skulls, legs, bleeding bellies and more of this. It was similar to acting a horror movie.
After a year of working there, I decided to call it an end as I quitted the job keeping in mind I had been sending my job applications of journalism in various media stations with not even a single succeeding at any particular time. Life was really becoming a real test for it was really becoming difficult as days went by. After two years now three years now of tarmacking, there was no sign of I landing a job. I was now even ready to do anything less than my journalism career that I had graduated from the university with. The third year was the one which really was not friendly compared to the past two years. I did not get any job as I was forced to move back to my parents’ home for I could not have sustained life back in the city as simple things like providing a meal on the table was a big task. Rent arrears had really piled and there was no hope of me paying them at any point sooner. Home was the next savior of my despair. I stayed there for a year. One day when I was surfing as always a journalist one would go through the internet to find what was really trending in the country. I came through a website where there were testimonials of people who had been helped by Kiwanga doctors to get good jobs despite their difficult start. I shared to my parents and they facilitated my visit to Kiwanga doctors’ offices in Nkakuru County. I was assessed and later attended to. Three days after coming from Kiwanga doctors, I saw an advert on a newspaper where a journalist was needed urgently. I forwarded my application and all went through within two days where I was called to start my new job with even no interview. Kiwanga doctors had really put a hand in my journalism career.

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