Eric Omondi : I will storm Kiss 100 Studios with 20 Dogs , I must deal with Kamene and Obinna.

Eric Omondi to storm kiss 100 studios with 20 dogs.

The self proclaimed president of comedy in Africa , Eric Omondi has declared war against Kiss Fm presenters , Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna. This is after a video of Obinna mimicking him went viral on social media pages.

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Obinna who is also among the creative content creator, decided to bash at Eric Omondi by mimicking him. The presenter entered the Kiss 100 studios at lions place , wearing a very weird outfit, that resembles , the funny dressing codes of Eric.

He had two body guards and he was carrying a chiwawa. This is exactly what Eric Omondi does whenever in publicly and he even recently said that he will be walking with dogs for security purposes.

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Obinna made his way inside the studio’s and, he started to mimick the way Eric Omondi does while criticizing musician.

In other word he was just trying to show Kenyans how Eric is just a big joker and just says things that don’t make sense.

Reacting to the video, angry Eric Omondi , has said that he will storm, Kiss 100 studios, with 20 trained dogs. He will physically and personally deal with Kamene and Obinna inside the studio.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi to storm kiss 100 studios with 20 dogs

The comedian said that he demand for respect from the two radio presenters , and he will personally make them respect him.

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Click here to watch full video of obinna mimicking Eric Omondi.

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