” Anauza Madawa za Kulevya!?” Ringtone Apoko Claims as he Exposes Krg the Don.

The Kenyan entertainment industry is full of controversial beefs from celebrities. The self proclaimed chairman of gospel music, Ringtone Apoko decided to question the wealth of Krg the Don.

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Ringtone and Krg the Don both brag online about their wealth, and how they are worth billions of money and drive expensive cars,in addition they reside in suburbs living lavish lifestyle.

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During an interview with online media, Ringtone Apoko said that Krg the Don is not rich as most people think. He alleged that the cars that Krg the Don usually flaunts online, he inherited them from his grandparents. He also claimed that the singer is living in a mansion that belongs to his grandfather.

Ringtone went on and made a very sensitive allegations against Krg the Don. The singer said that if it is true that Krg is the real owner of the latest Lexus LX 570 he flaunts online, then Krg must be a drug trafficker. According to Ringtone Krg can’t afford such a car if he doesn’t engage in illegal businesses.

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He went on and urged all the young people , to stop listening and focusing on people like Krg the Don. He said that they should focus on themselves, work hard, hustle smart, and God will continue blessing them and one day they will break the chain of poverty and make it in life.

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